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Industrial and intellectual property protection

•    Consultations on the issues of industrial property protection.
•    Revelation among the non-material assets of an enterprise of objects, which are to be protected by patents and certificates of the Russian Federation.
•    Legal protection of the objects of industrial property.
•    Expert examination for indication of patent ability of the objects of industrial property; execution of applications for the patents of the RF, as well as for foreign patenting; running correspondence until getting documents of title; keeping a patent valid, prolonging its validity, etc.
•    Patent-informational accompaniment of formulizations.
•    Analysis of tendencies of equipment development.
•    Expert examination of equipment patent clarity.
•    Services in the sphere of contractual title (concerning the objects of industrial property); revelation of objects of license trade, working out of license contracts.
•    Juridical regulation of legal relations, connected with the industrial property protection and realization taking into consideration the effective enactions:
- Juridical practice on the questions of industrial property;
- Identification of a patentee's infringement of  rights;
- legal claims;
- representation of a client's interests in court.
•    Legal protection of trade marks.
•    International registration of trade marks. Registration of names of places of production origin.
•    Registration of computer programmes and data bases.
•    Registration of works of science, literature and art as the objects of copyright.
•    Expert examination of infringement production.

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