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Working out of projects “An enterprise development strategy”

•    Analysis of enterprises financial-economic condition.
•    Expenses and recourses management.
•    Marketing research and analysis.
•    Strategic alternatives analysis.
•    Functional strategies development.
•    Development of financial, sales, investment, personnel policy.
•    Organizational structure of an enterprise.

Tel.: (4852) 32-90-98

Working out of projects “Strategic direction of development of a municipal unit”

•    SWOT – indoor environment analysis of a municipal unit.
•    Formation of the “future image” of a municipal unit.
•    Working out of a development strategy of a municipal unit.
•    Investment and financial model of development of a municipal unit.
•    Formation of the system of implication of business, scientific and civil societies into the process of municipal unit development.
•    Working out of the system of monitoring of regional development strategy.
•    Working out of the regional marketing system.

Tel.: (4852) 32-90-98