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Training courses and seminars

•    Selling training.
•    Effective operation of an exhibition.
•    Teleimage. Telemarketing. Telephone selling.
•    Business communication training.
•    Corporative culture formation.
•    Stress management.
•    Time management.
•    Seminars for sales workers.
•    A Russian model of management.
•    Technologies of effective recruiting.
•    Material and non-material motivation of personnel.
•    Financial data reporting and its informational abilities.
•    Instruments of marketing strategy development.
•    Price formation and costs evaluation in construction.
•    Corporate training.
•    Conference “How to increase the productive capacity and competitive ability of enterprises using the systems of lean production”.
•    Seminars aiming at advanced training of workers of production and commodity trading companies of different kinds of ownership.

Tel.: (4852) 73-23-39, 21-85-24, 45-87-11