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Yaroslavl centre of subcontracting

Services for customers
•    Provision of information about an order required parts and units on the centre's web-site.
•    Search of enterprises, which can execute the order, raw materials and equipment, required by the customer.
•    Consultations on provision of information about the order including the contact details.
•    The targeted search of unique technological equipment in Yaroslavl region, as well as in other regions of the Russian Federation.

Services for the Executors of orders
•    Provision of information about the products and processes of production of enterprises in the “Russian national database of organizations – partners of Regional centre of services on subcontracting and industrial cooperation” in the Internet.
•    Publication of the catalogue “Subcontractors of the Yaroslavl region” and apportion it with the information about the production capacities of industrial enterprises.
•    Provision of information about the available production orders.
•    Conduct of preliminary negotiations with an enterprise – customer.
Additional services
•    Publication of the bulletin “Ideas and suggestions for the production development”.
•    Designing and developing constructive and technological documentation in the systems “Kompas-Graphic” and “AutoCAD”.
•    Transformation of design schemes into electronic format.
•    Training courses which help to work in the system “Kompas-Graphic”. Saling, supporting and updating of this system.
•    Provision of advertisements and production-commercial offers of enterprises of the region on the centre's web-site.
•    Invitation of enterprises to participate in exhibitions, conferences and seminars, which are devoted to production cooperation and organized by YarCCI and other companies.

Tel.: (4852) 21-91-93, 21-98-61