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About the Yaroslavl region

The heartland of Russia – the place for your history-making decisions

Yaroslavl regionTerritory
Region’s territory - 36,400 km2
Region’s population - 1,312 million people.
80% of the population lives in cities and towns.

Region’s administrative centre - the city of Yaroslavl was founded in 1010. Population - 603 thousand people

Geographical position
Yaroslavl is the largest fast-developing administrative and business centre in the area to the northeast of Moscow. The distance from Yaroslavl to Moscow is 280 km, to St. Petersburg – 850 km

Labour resources
The number of able-bodied citizens - 818 thousand people, engaged in economy – 661,2 thousand people.
There are 34 institutions of higher education, 60 research organizations, 34 vocational schools in the region.


Yaroslavl is one of the major transportation depots of the European part of Russia. It lies on the main international lines which connect Moscow with the cities of the Russian North and East. It is intersected by both the Trans-Siberian train lines and those of the Northern Railroad.
The international cargo airport “Tunoshna” is situated in 18 kilometres from Yaroslavl (first category of ICAO).

Main cities and towns

Yaroslavl 606,7 ths people
Rybinsk  207,7 ths people
Pereslavl-Zalessky 42,3 ths people
Tutajev 41,2 ths people
Uglich 34,7 ths people
Rostov 32,4 ths people


Legislative power
Parliament of the Yaroslavl Region
The State Duma of the Yaroslavl Region is the region's legislative body. The Duma passes regional laws in the course of exercising the authority of the government body of the Yaroslavl Region as a subject of the Russian Federation, unless otherwise specified by law.
The State Duma of the Yaroslavl Region consists of 50 elected deputies, one half of them are elected from single member constituency, others from party tickets.

Executive power
The Yaroslavl Region Government is the supreme and permanent executive official body of the Yaroslavl region. The Government is headed and formed by the Yaroslavl Region Governor.

Judicial power
Court of Yaroslavl region
Arbitration Court of the Yaroslavl region


The Yaroslavl region is an economically developed region of Russia, ranking first in the Central Russia in respect of a number of socio-economic parameters of development.
Historically the region has positioned itself as an important focal center of transportation and distribution as well as trading zone in the northeast of European Russia. The balances of structure of the region economy, as well as availability of “stabilizing productions” (oil processing, petrochemistry, rubber goods and paint and varnish industry) form the key advantage of the Yaroslavl region.
In respect of the GRP (gross regional product) production volumes, the region is among the leaders, being in the top five among the entities of the Central Federal Region.


Growth of economy as well as committed work of regional government, aimed at creation of a favorable investment climate, make the Yaroslavl region especially attractive in the eyes of investors.
The Government of the Yaroslavl region is implementing new scheme of cooperation with the investors. It is the program for Greenfield & Brownfield investments attraction.

The representatives of the Regional Government assist in solution of the following questions:
•     search for sites for investor
•     new manufacture location agreement with natural monopolists and local authorities
•     registration of the site for investor.

The regional law «On State Regulation of Investments in the Yaroslavl Region» provides investors with tax privileges
•    reduction of Profit Tax rate for Organizations by 4% (current tax rate is 24% and preferential tax rate is 20%)
•    property Tax exemption for newly established or acquired property (current tax rate is 2,2% and preferential tax rate is 0%)
•    transport Tax exemption for purchasing transport for project implementation
•    provision of state legal guarantees from regional budget
State support is provided during the payback period but no longer than 5 years.


The Yaroslavl region is one of the most industrially developed regions of Russia. Its share of industry in the volume of the gross regional product comprises about 50%.
The region boasts 5573 large and medium scale enterprises (exclusive of the enterprises, employing less than 15 people); 1382 enterprises belong to industrial production sector.
The industrial enterprises of the region deliver over 70% of goods and services (on average amounting to 13 billion roubles per month). 

About 32,1% of the total workforce, employed in the regional economy, work at various industrial enterprises of the region.
Among the diversity of the enterprises the following types of production, belonging to processing branches of industry, are most highly developed:
•    machinery and equipment
•    coke and petrochemical products
•    chemical products
•    electrical equipment, electronic and optical equipment
•    technical rubber and plastic goods
•    transport equipment
•    foodstuffs.

Support of SMEs in Yaroslavl region

Small and Medium business is an important and integral part of the Yaroslavl region economy. Small and Medium business support activity is held in accordance with the program “Small and Medium Business State Support in Yaroslavl region”. The Autonomous Public Institution “Regional Business Incubator” was opened in 2009 in Yaroslavl. The aim of its creation is help to start your own business. Support for beginning businessmen is provided in legal servicing, finance and property support, supply with information and professional training.


The 1000th anniversary, which Yaroslavl celebrated in 2010, was an event not only for Russia, but, to a considerable degree, of an international scale. This date demonstrates the continuity of the great history of Russia, its rich traditions and reflects the contemporary stage of the Russian state development.