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Yaroslavl Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Our mission: to create an economic climate conductive to business growth in Yaroslavl region.

Yaroslavl Chamber of Commerce and Industry (YarCCI) was established in 1992 in accordance with the Russian Federation Law "On Chambers of Commerce and Industry".

YarCCI is a non-government and non-profit organization that assists to create favorable environment for business in the region to develop.

More than 460 enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership are members of the Chamber on voluntarily basis. Members get preferences and services with a discount or on account of membership fees.

The long standing partners are: the Yaroslavl region administration, the Yaroslavl city administration, the Yaroslavl region Duma (the regional legislative assembly), the Yaroslavl Custom house, as well as Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Russia, CIS and overseas.

YarCCI key purpose is to assist in:

  • Economic development of Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl region;
  • Forming a modern enterprise, finance and trade infrastructure;
  • Creating favorable environment for enterprise;
  • Development of foreign and domestic trade, economic, scientific-research and technical relations.

The Chamber publishes its monthly magazine, it is distributed to its members, as well as region's administration, municipal legislative and administrative bodies and other Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

The Yaroslavl region is one of the most industrially developed regions of Central Russia, boasting an extensive transport infrastructure, which facilitates growth of export, being one of the most important priorities of the region policy.

YarCCI major business lines in international collaboration are:

  • Search for potential partners in Russia and in the world
  • Consultation on entrance into the Russian market
  • Placing commercial proposals of enterprises in the YarCCI web site and magazine
  • Providing information about Russian companies
  • Marketing research and consulting
  • Business plans and investment projects development
  • Organization of exhibitions and business missions
  • Legal protection of intellectual and industrial property
  • Trademarks registrations
  • Issue of certificates of origin and goods inspection
  • Certifying force-majeure cases
  • Organization of matchmaking fairs and B2B meetings
  • Procurement of invitations for foreign businessmen coming to Yaroslalv
  • Facilitation for accreditation of foreign companies' representation in Yaroslavl region.
  • Interpreting and translation services
        • business negotiations and official meetings
        • workshops and conferences
        • legal, financial and commercial documentation
        • technical documentation, reference and advertising material.

Yaroslavl Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Tel/fax: +7 – 4852- 328885
Russia, Yaroslavl, 150014, Svobody st, 62