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Organization of presentations and seminars

The Yaroslavl Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers the organization of presentations and seminars in the YarCCI exhibition hall.

Recommendations about well-organized presentations and seminars you can get from our clients, among which the Polish-Lithuanian Economic Chamber, the Kassel Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Germany) manufacturers and sellers of equipment, developers and sellers of software products, building companies and manufacturers of building materials:
•   Company "Camozzi", Italy
•   Company NPP "Metra" (Obninsk)
•   Mechanical plant "Mestil" Ltd (Poland)
•   Group of companies "Ascon"
•   Group of companies "Borlas" (Moscow)
•   International company "Lanck Telecom"
•   Company "Vissmann", Germany
•   "Vado"Ltd
•   "Kovosvit Mas" (Czech Republic)
•   JSC "Schneider Electric"
•   "Aldecor" Ltd
•   "Singer"
And others.

We've got a great experience For the organization of arrangements we offer:
•    hall for conferencing, exhibition, and small hall for round table discussions and coffee-breaks);
•    we inform enterprises and entrepreneurs of the Yaroslavl Region about arrangement;
•    we get from interested parties confirmation of participation.

We place at your disposal:
•    lists of potential consumers of customer's products (name of organizations, contact information: address telephone, fax);
•    TV-set, video recorder, beamer, plasma panel;
•    other necessary equipment.

We organize:
•    publication of business proposals in the YarCCI   magazine   "Delovye   Vesti Yaroslavii" and on the YarCCI site (300 visitors every day);
•    coffee-breaks;
•    buffet lunches.

If you are interested in this offer, please, contact us: tel./fax: +7(4852) 32-80-53, E-mail:


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